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Meet the team

Introducing Mick Lander, "Tour Leader" Harley Davidson is in his blood, Natalie Rogers, "Project Manager", she keeps those pistons running and Willy Ransfield, born to ride iron horse "Marketing Maori". Successful business associates who enjoy getting together and creating fun safe projects all motorcycle enthusiasts would enjoy.


In recent years, Mick has experienced several overseas motorcycle tours. Each of those tours has resulted in finding people of different cultures, people who share a common bond... riding around a beautiful country and living the dream. This resulted in partnering up with Natalie Rogers and Willy Ransfield in 2017 organising the inaugural Swiss Kiwi NZ Tour that took place in early 2018. That nationwide

14-day tour commenced from Auckland to Christchurch. It was a pleasure riding clean green scenic country roads, visiting iconic attractions, restaurants, wineries and many other tourist attractions. Not only was it a fun safe journey, everyone met great local people along the way and experienced many exciting traditional Maori customs. Our tour group arrived as guests and ended up becoming "nga hoa ataahua", "beautiful friends" for life! 


All you have to do is book one of our future tours and the team at Cruising New Zealand Motorcycle Tours will take care of the rest. 

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